Warwick Arts Festival 2009

Mark and Samantha were invited to work with students from Warwick to create a 30' x 10' mural on a handball backboard in Stanley Deming Park in Warwick, NY. To begin, students met with the artists for two night time sessions where they came up with circular logo designs representing life in Warwick. Their designs were woven into the final design not only in the infinity symbol that twists through the design, but in symbols such as the apple, horse, trees, and houses. In July of 2009, as a featured event in the Warwick Arts Festival's 10th year celebration, students were invited to come to a series of painting sessions with Samantha and Mark. In the end they put in approximately 21 hours of their time making this mural and were a pleasure to work with the entire time. They learned painting techniques, color mixing and composition and spent time refining their painting skills. The final design is a unique design that represents life in Warwick. From flowing streams to blue mountains, apples, houses, horses, trees, animals and twinkling stars, the students helped to create a lasting memory that helps to brighten the daily lives of anyone using the park or even passing by. The Warwick Arts Festival is a fantastic event that happens every July. This mural event came to fruition because of the imaginative thinking of Susan Graff, Visual Arts Project Director and Liz Reese, Artistic Director for the Arts Festival. For more information, please check out their website at: