Holy Name Hospital Mural

This mural shows a connection between Holy Name Hospital, Schechter Regional High School and New York City. As an artist in residence for Schechter Regional High School in Teaneck, NJ, Mark was invited to design a mural for his students to paint in a children’s clinic at Holy Name Hospital. Samantha created the color palette for this mural and high school students painted the design. This mural shows an active, joyful image for patients waiting to enter the space where children and infants receive inoculations. Notice the underlying infinity symbol (like a sideways number 8) used to move the viewers eye around this colorful and playful design. You can see the small school bus used by the students at the High School (located across the street from the hospital), the hospital logo, the high school logo and a welcoming balloon saying “welcome to Teaneck”. This mural had a challenge in that an old clock was located on the top right side of the space. We used it as a happy accident and painted the clock as the sun in the mural. 4' x 8' section of wall