Toy Chest Mural

This clever mural has characters representing the owners, the muralists and some of the staff walking up the stairs. Each character is wearing a costume that is sold in the store or is a toy from the store. For example, there is a monkey wearing a pirate girl outfit and a giant stuffed giraffe that are both walking up the stairs. A teddy bear wears a fireman’s uniform and the cat is a king wearing a crown and carrying a scepter. At the bottom of the stairs, a cat wears a ballerina tutu and across the top of the stairwell, a moose peers up at visitors. Across from the animal characters is a copy of the store logo, a freight train, which is carrying the logo characters as cargo. This stairwell links a two-story toy store in a way that brings the space together with a whimsical smile. For more information about this mural, please see our article in the Warwick Advertiser.