Children's Rooms

Mermaid Playroom

A brother and sister share this playroom. To accommodate the tastes of both children (one wanted princesses and the other wanted underwater) we combined their ideas and created a series of underwater scenes. The main area contains a representation of the sister as a large mermaid princess petting a friendly dolphin near an undersea plant. The mermaid wears a necklace with the girl’s initials. Close by is a special group of fish. The top fish is copying the real fish that the brother has in his fish tank. The bottom fish were painted by the two children. As they are very young, we taped off fish-shaped areas and let the children paint any mural palette colors into the fish bodies. The result is that they ended up with very special colorful fish that still match the mural. Above the fish is a rainbow in the clouds. This rainbow can be seen through the window from the homeowners’ driveway. The brother is represented as a merman prince. His initials are on the back of the merman’s vest. He is waving at a friendly scuba diver (his grandpa scuba dives!) The sea creatures represented were inspired by a series of books about the ocean that the brother enjoys. Notice a whale, manta ray and dolphin. Last, we painted an undersea castle with a silhouette mom and dad as king and queen merman/mermaid.