Children's Rooms

Train Nursery

In this mural, characters represent this family of six. Check out Dad as a lion conducting the train with his favorite watch on his arm. Mamma cat wears her favorite necklace while holding the newest kitten. Brother bear sends a friendly wave to dad on his way to lacrosse practice. Sister puppy got a chance to actually paint the small painting that her puppy is painting and brother duck loves his scooter. All the children painted a butterfly above the characters (and one more was added by a close friend!) In addition, the children painted the flowers in the grass. More details to notice: There are four trains that wrap around the room. They get smaller and further away on all other walls. The red train is the largest. As the trains progress around the room, they fade through the colors of the rainbow. The second train goes through a city and passes by Dad’s workplace. The third train turns to an interesting point of view as it heads down a mountain and into a tunnel. The last train goes past the family’s summer home and into the starry night sky. (There are small glow in the dark stars in the night sky and on the ceiling)